The Presence of God

   It was a dramatic moment when the doctor told us that Linda was dying. It was a dramatic moment when Susie and Kathy put their dad in the Barone Alzheimer Unit. It was a dramatic moment when Susie and I were married before all of you, our FCC family. It was a dramatic moment when Missouri Christian Convention asked me to be president. It was a dramatic moment when Susie and I faced by-pass surgery. It was a dramatic moment when we celebrated our offering of over $21,000 plus at the beginning of this year. These are but a few of the dramatic moments that the FCC family and I have shared.
     It is also a dramatic moment for me to think of the changes that will come with stepping away from being the FCC senior minister. After almost sixteen years of ministry here, it is hard for many of you too. The powerful thing that happened in each of these dramatic moments was the presence of each other. For many of these dramatic events, you the FCC family, were there for me. Mutually, I was there for you. The wonderful beauty of it is, God was, and is, there for all of us.
     It was a moment filled with drama and fear. Afterall Moses had led the children of Israel for over forty years. Israel had experienced a whole new beginning with Moses. They had received the law. They had established themselves as a nation. They had overcome many chaotic moments and Moses had always been the presence they would remember. Patterns form over time. The dramatic event of Moses stepping away was going to unsettle those patterns.
     It seems to me that a rather common occurrence with the presence of God, is that He tends to be overlooked. It was God that divided the sea. It was God that gave the Israelites the law. It was God who laid out the infrastructure by which Israel would live. It was God who led them by cloud during the day and by fire during the night. It was God that provided the manna (daily). It was God that called Moses to the job of leader. Just as it was God that lined up the next leader, Joshua.
     Right now, where we are in our present setting, is uncertain and filled with drama. I want you to know and remember this; God is present. God was present when I came to FCC, and God will be present as Dave continues to lead. Trust God and His presence. Next, I urge you to pray. Pray that we and God are on the same page. This is an opportunity filled with so many wonderful possibilities, but only if God is in it.
     We are unfolding a prayer plan. Every night we will pray for the year 2020 at 20:20 (8:20) pm. Dave and I urge you to pray for our church family. Set the alarms in your phones for this time to remind you to pray. The leadership team covets your prayers and support during this time. We want God’s presence in this, and we want to be on His page.
Thank you for being the church family that you are, C U Sunday.