The Next Step

It is hard to sit in a dentist chair while he drills into your teeth.  It is hard to wait in line for the ice cream treat.  It is hard to bend over and tie your shoe.  It is hard to keep focus while the driver’s license instructor rides with us.  It is hard to visit family in the hospital or the nursing home.  It is hard to process and respond in a job interview.  For me it gets harder and harder to sit in a meeting even if it is headed for a great outcome.  Did you notice that all these hardships have the hope of something good to come?

Life is full of hardship.  Easy is ever allusive for the things that count.  We have been taught that most everything that is worth anything requires hard work.  So, why would faith be any different?  Jesus comments throughout the gospels about faith.  He spurs us on to growing our faith further.  And just like the many hardships in the first portion of this blog, there is hope as to good to come.

I would invite you to a special gathering that Susie and I will host Sunday, July 7th.  It will be this one Sunday during the Sunday School hour.  Whether you are a new face in our church family and trying to determine your next step, or a Christian of decades looking for the next step – you are invited to come.  Maybe you are interested in church membership and seeking to plug in further or you desire to join a prayer team – you are invited to come.  Or you are seeking to grow your faith and are uncertain of what to do – you are welcome to come.  It is my intent to help you with your next step.

The walk of faith is full and wonderful, but it requires effort.  At times it may even be hard.  Our desire is to create a special time to help people in their walk by helping with the “Next Step.”  It may be plugging you into a small group or sharing some material that will help.  It may be helping you with counseling for some of life’s hardship.  It may be walking you into a new relationship with Jesus, please come.  Susie and I hope to help with the next step.  You will find us across from the nursery in the conference room during the Sunday School hour (9:30 to 10:15) on July 7th.

God Bless — C U Sunday,