The Final Part “Truly you are the Son of God.”

(Blog of October 1st) FCC has some big things coming. Some of us will question. Others of us will hope. Others of us will ask, “when is it my turn?” All of us will draw upon the last vestiges of our strength and know for sure that Jesus is in control. Keep your eyes on Jesus, he calms the storms and encourages us to take it to the next level, “Do you want to get out of the boat?”
     The following writing has for background the story of Peter & Jesus walking upon the water.
     You, the family of FCC, and I are creating a step-out-of-the-boat experience. Just like Peter, the faithful point of this experience is that we are to keep our eyes on Jesus. Susie & I realize the need to do the next chapter in our lives. It will be a stepping-out-of-the-boat chapter. It is our intent for me to be semi-retired as of the first of the year 2020.
     The next step to doing this is that I will resign as the fulltime Senior Minister of FCC effective as of December 31st of 2019. First Christian’s leadership and I are piecing these next few steps together while keeping our eyes on Jesus.
  1. Dave will serve in the capacity of day to day issues along with several of the things that he already does.
  2. I propose to the FCC family that I will fill the pulpit on Sundays. This will be determined by the elders and me. Other places that you see me throughout the church family will be voluntary.
  3. Monday through Saturday you may see me throughout the community doing part time jobs. Please note, this is our home and we plan to be in the community.
     There are several reasons for this decision. The primary ones are my health, time available with family, and our desire to help FCC with her next step. You are welcome to talk with Susie and me about it. Know that the relationship between FCC leadership and I is good and will continue. We hear Jesus saying “Come” and we are stepping-out-of-the-boat, all of us, the FCC family and Susie & I. Pray for the next several steps and continue to keep your eyes upon Jesus. [This resignation was given to the FCC family on October 13th.]
     The FCC family has been my rock and my help throughout several life experiences. You have been the reminder and the physical presence of God during these moments. I know that you will continue to be those things now as Susie and I reach this next chapter. Thank you for being the “church” in so many ways throughout the years.
     The final part of the step-out-of-the-boat experience was (Matthew 14:32-33) 32 And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. 33 And those in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”


May it be likewise for the FCC family and I as we go into the years to come.