Resurrection day is coming.

     Resurrection Day is coming!  Our day will be full of worship.  Our focus will be upon Jesus and the empty tomb.  Easter Sunday will start with our Sunrise Service.  This will begin at 7:00 am.  We will gather in the Fellowship building then celebrate with communion.  We will begin our “Easter Walk” from there.  We will walk to three sites that give priority to the life of Jesus in that last few days.  At each site, we will be led in meditation by one of preachers.  Chairs will be available for those who need them.  Two things that you need to do: dress warm and come with an attitude of meditation.

     Next will be our Easter Breakfast.  We will enjoy a couple of our FCC highlights, our cooks and fellowship.  The schedule for breakfast will be 8:30 to 9:45 (approximately).  The cooks have great bearing on the times.  The Kum Dubl class will be our hosts this year and we must say thank you.  Please help them out by being willing cooks and servers.  Every year it is so good to hear the laughter and the buzz of conversation as several will be attendance.  This has tended to be one of our largest fellowships.

     The climax of our Easter Sunday will be the 10:30 worship.  We will be one service strong, both on site services will be one in the main building.  We will celebrate Easter and unity.  Plus, our radio program has been produced for decades from the setting and will go out on Easter too.  Our desire is to worship Jesus as one family.  Our choir will lead with the cantata, “Crimson Love.”  What is amazing is all the Easter songs that you may know.  Come ready to listen or even sing the ones that you know.  Then we will finish with communion, our family supper with Jesus.

     We will begin our day with the Lord’s supper and we will finish our day with the Lord’s supper.  There will be multiple volunteers and servants all day taking care of so many things.  Pitch in and help as you are able.  Knowing that your service is noted by God.  Thank you for being part.

C U Sunday,