If Death were a Sound

If death were a sound.  It would be loud and abrasive.  It would be uncomfortable to our ears.  It would be forced upon us continually.  It would be annoying and insensitive.  It would be a non-respecter of everybody.  It would invade our days and awake our nights.  It would be ongoing and never ending.  It would be so obnoxiously present that being mankind we would try to find ways to work with the ongoing sound.

If death were a sound.  Whole businesses would develop to help with the annoying sound.  People would speak of the sound as if to accept it.  Others would speak in ways to object and yet accept its force in our world.  There would be those who would preach explaining its presence.  Still others would try to dress it up by harmonizing with it.  The world would try to exist despite the sound afterall it is who we are.  It may be such a loud and annoying sound but with a little medication we can ignore it.  Others of us would find phony silence in addictions.  We would constantly be seeking the plugs that would grant us relief. 

If death were a sound.  It would be the dominating force within our world and sadly for most of us we would find ways to ignore and exist around it.  No one could do anything about it.  Medical science would try to expire it.  Social science would try to solve it.  Governments would blow it off with policies that appease people, but no permanent answers.  Nations would throw dollars at it, and several would find ways to make dollars off of it.

The ultimate sadness is that death would still be sound that rules all mankind.  The eternal sadness is that many would deny the only presence that could make a difference-God.  The sound shapes mankind but has no bearing upon God.  God is not ruled by the sound.  Nor is He captive of the sound.  In fact, God knows more about the sound than anyone.  And what is in character for God, He could totally walk away and never bother with the sound.  What is also in character for God is out of love for mankind He chose not to walk away.  Jesus brought silence to the grave and by living beyond death gave us an eternal sound of beauty.  Why would you deny this?

C U on this “Silent” Sunday – Let’s blow off death