Fatherhood, an image of God

There is nothing easy about being a dad.  For many a dad, fatherhood comes with no instructions.  In my library is the book by Bill Cosby called, Fatherhood.  It was a gift and a joy to read.  It was so comforting to read a number of his experiences that were similar to my own.  Then the image of Bill Cosby has fallen into shame lately and his image of fatherhood is questioned. 

Another image that we build upon is the image that we grew up with.  Many of you would tell stories of your dad and glow.  While still others would mumble your experiences with shame.  My dad was an image of a self-made college grad who had grown up a farmer’s son.  He was the only one of his family to graduate college.  He loved God and loved serving as a minister of God’s Word.  He cherished faith in Jesus at all cost and his greatest joy was a family of faith that lives his passion for Jesus.  All three of us boys are ministers still and my sister (the youngest) a teacher to teachers and very passionate about Jesus.

But in a culture where fatherhood calls out to absent fathers.  It is so easy to do the biology of fatherhood but being a father is not so easy.  Varied studies tell us that our image of God is fashioned after our image of our father.  This is unfair to God because even the best of fathers will be far less than what God deserves.  It isn’t easy to be dad.

So, how do we give God the image of fatherhood that he deserves?  Again, it isn’t easy.  It begins with spending time in the family album, the Bible.  Next would be blocking out more time with God through worship and prayer (which could be one and the same).  Then dwelling with other siblings in Jesus.  One thing for sure is that image you’ve framed of your earthly father (even though your dad was great) is unfair to God.  Pull that image out of the frame and give God the image that comes of knowing him through scripture, prayer and gathering with the family (church) time.

Meanwhile take your dads to church next Sunday,


P.S. – Thank you to so many for making this past Sunday (Leadership Sunday) so special.  Especially thank you to Martha & the kitchen crew.  You were amazing.