Easy will not Do

    Easy tends to be a pattern found in so many things.  We tend to like easy, but the truth is that with many things easy is not good for us.  If you choose to sit versus exercise (even just walk around) there will be consequences.  If you choose to eat what taste good and have several helpings which is easy to do.  There will be consequences.  If you choose to sleep which is so easy instead of study, your grades will definitely take a dip.
     The same is true with faith.  Many of us will seek to take the easy way.  God’s wonderful gift of grace even tends to lend to this temptation of easy faith.  James (2:19) records that “Even the demons believe…” in grace.  If your faith amounts to no more than belief you may be stuck in the easy way.  So, if you are to practice a faith that leads beyond easy it will require the un-easy.  How do we do that?
     One of the first verses that my dad had me learn was 2 Timothy 2:15   “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  Oops, pardon my King James, my early learning is showing.  In order for you to know how to grow in faith you must dwell in God’s Word.  Next, I would urge you to plug into one of our existing or new small groups.  Hangin with those who are in the word helps grow faith in us.  Then trust me, life will supply struggles to come that will exercise your faith.  Struggles are more do-able with faith in God and knowing he is present.
     These are only a couple of things that will grow faith, but it is a great place to start.  So hopefully we will see you in small groups and studying God’s Word.

C U Sunday,


P.S. – Plan to be at our leadership ordinations at 10:30 on Sunday, 9th of June.  This will be followed by a potluck.