What can a dozen do?

What can a dozen do?  A dozen eggs can make several cakes, or cookies, or omelets.  A dozen doughnuts can be cut and feed a parlor breakfast.  A dozen roses will “wow” your valentine.  Think on it, what can you imagine a dozen doing?

While you think, let me share with you another dozen.  This dozen gathered for our leadership workshop with Steve Russ.  The discussion started and the imaginations kicked in.  While dwelling on several of the FCC struggles a solution was presented – we will pray.  Our elders will pray the first Saturday of the month starting at 7:00 am.  Those interested will gather to pray on Sunday before worship at 7:30 and 10:15. Prayer will be the sought-after answer as we want to involve God.  We invite you to come and join us to pray.

Next, the dozen thought the best way to continue the path-of-working-our-way-through-the-struggles was to meet regularly and openly.  So, a date was set that will become a regular gathering of the dozen and (our prayers are) more.  This meeting time will be the third Wednesday of each month following our Wednesday Bible Study (7:30).  You are invited to come be part of the team that seeks to overcome.  

What are the struggles?  We are praying about finances, attendance, programming that is dated, and ministry development that is tuned to scripture.  The limits (we are facing) are available resources, overburdened volunteers, and imaginations that may take courage to perform. 

What is required?  Men and women committed to the cause of Jesus under the leadership of FCC.  Your commitment will have moments of victory, but it will require boldness, stamina and partnering with others.  There will also be criticism, failures and change.  So, what can a dozen do?  Only time will tell.  You are invited to come and be part of what is to come.

Matthew 10 in the first few verses names a dozen men that followed Jesus.  After being named the next few words written were, “These twelve Jesus sent out…”  If this dozen is the image for us – They changed the world.

What can a dozen do?  Come and See,



P.S. – Between great nieces, nephews and grandchildren, Susie and I enjoy a very special dozen.