The Dynamic Thirty

A few weeks back I would write of the dozen that were driven to make a difference.  This article let me tell you about the dynamic thirty who gathered in February.  They are just as driven to make a difference for FCC. 

Prayer is the leading dynamic.  As our meeting of February finished, we broke into groups to pray for the varied aspects troubling our church family.  The dynamic of prayer has shown itself on Sunday mornings as many have gathered to pray at 7:30 and 10:15. The Sunday following the third Wednesday meeting over a dozen gathered in my office to pray for Sunday services at 7:30.  Our elders prayed at the beginning of March on Saturday and eight of us were there.  We want God in this, we are calling to God, [Maranatha] come Lord Jesus, come!

Another dynamic that showed itself was the continued desire to shape and reshape small groups.  A team with purpose and desire was shaped to meet this Thursday (at 5:30) to dialogue and build a plan for developing small groups.  Their plan will be shared at the next third Wednesday meeting (20th of March).

Still another dynamic was to shape a mission statement that could be easily given and re-given that would shape minds and hearts at FCC.  This small group met last week to shape this statement.  What a clever idea it is and yet so simple.  It will be shared at the third Wednesday meeting.  The fun part of this task group was that it was done in 15 minutes.

Thirty dynamic individuals came to February’s third Wednesday gathering.  Many others have taken it to the next level by committing to help FCC in these vital times.  Commitment is a dynamic that has shaped nations.  Commitment will not come easily but it is vital if we are to shape the future of FCC.  We would love to see more people come to our third Wednesday gathering, but we would ask that you be committed to the task.  What is the task you may ask?  We want to overcome FCC’s current struggles and be viable for our Jesus in today’s world setting and hopefully on into tomorrow.

What I love about the word “dynamic” is found within its derivatives – the word dynamite.  We are aware that dynamite is an explosive force used to move mountains.  Jesus says that faith can move mountains (Matthew 21:21).  Thirty faithful people came to our last third Wednesday gathering.  Their intent through prayer and faith is to move the mountains in our way to serving Jesus more fully.

You are welcome to join us this next meeting,