The Basics

If you had never learned the basic alphabet and revisited that every now and then, your ability to read would be hindered.  If you had never learned basic math and failed to revisit it every now and then, your ability to count change would be hindered.  Our walk with God will begin with a steady dose of the basics.  Then as the years pass, we will find many are the times that we will return to the basics to strengthen our walk with God. 

The basics of faith amount to the strength and validity of the Bible; the existence of God; the trinity that unfolds into the Father, Son & Holy Spirit; the enslavement of sin among created mankind; the wondrous plan of God to redeem man from sin through Jesus Christ & the cross; the grave of Jesus that is no longer occupied; and your choice that will determine your acceptance of God’s wonderful plan.  The basic list could vary a little, but the priorities are here.  These basics become the beacon that guides us throughout this life.

The challenge becomes when to teach these basics.  On March 30th (Saturday and three Saturdays after), we will revisit the basics in Pastor’s Class (again for 2019).  The few things that I ask of those who attend is that they can read, find their way to class (parents – I need you involved), and they do the work (there is some memory work, and in class studies).  A few of those attending will bring treats for our class attenders.

The next question becomes who can attend?  The class is aimed at early school age children, but through the years I have been blessed with older siblings, and older ones asking questions (this has included some adults).  So, my response is if you want to know – come.

Our studies will consist of memory work, writing definitions and filling in the blanks in the our workbook.  Our class time will be at 10:00 am in the church parlor and we will be done approximately at 11:15.  If you have attended before, it is a repeat, but the greatest of tool for learning is repeat, so come again.

The goal is to give you the basics of faith that will encourage you throughout this life.  Plan your calendars now.

Pray for those in attendance and remember the basics,