Celebration Sunday

     Wow!!!  Would you believe that our average Sunday attendance is down?   I say this because what we need to make budget is down too.  Then I say this because our year has ended, and an offering portraying the miracles among us was set for December 30th.   The goal was $20,000.  WE DID IT.  We did it with a whopping $21,585.  Our offering truly was an offering of miracles, so this is a celebration article.
     This Sunday (Jan 20th) we plan to celebrate with a celebration worship service followed by potluck.  The weather outside may be cold and cold, but inside we will bask in warmth and fellowship.  We will gather after the 10:30 hour services in our fellowship hall.  There we will have a wonderful worship moment (led by Dave) while our deaconesses layout our potluck dishes.  Then with a closing prayer by Gage we will feast in so much more than food.
     It was July of 2005.  We had just finished a similar offering goal and just look at the article then:

     We have another big project before us—preparing the Aldi’s (store) building from being a shell of a building to being a functional part of our building complex.  The price tag sounds high ($150,000).  The goal of having the dollars before we do it sounds intense.  The nation’s economy sounds discouraging.  And then to top it off, we haven’t even been making our budget.  What a time for God’s glory to shine in us.      We celebrate our Just Tithe Sunday, but we need your commitment and prayers.  The ministry of FCC isn’t just yesterday it’s today.  Please don’t use your regular giving for the building fund.  Let the building fund stretch your faith further—this is when God shines at his best.


     We still have a vital mission for Jesus, “We are building relationships with God.”  Remember our imagination is the only limit that we have.  Look at what we have done with the Aldi’s building of yesteryear.  What will we do today?

Come and celebrate this Sunday.