An Opportunity of Faith

     A wall hanging in my office is a map of the Pony Express route of the early 1860’s.  The Pony Express was made of several stopping stations along the route from St Joseph, MO to San Francisco, CA.  Young men rode a horse all out for fifteen to twenty miles and then switched out for a new mount at the next station.  The purpose to get the mail from St Joe to San Francisco in the record time of ten days.  Several of our western heroes were riders for the Pony Express.

     When visiting one of the stations that is still in existence, I had just started a new ministry and felt a little overwhelmed by the task.  As I looked at the map seeing all the stations, God led me to realize that the way to tackle the ministry setting was by one station at a time.  In fact, I had the map mounted and framed to hang in my office with these words, “Every big success is only achieved in well planned stepping stones.”

     We at FCC are approaching a potential success.  Many of you are aware of our struggle to find and maintain a youth minister presence after Jeremiah resigned in 2016.  God provided at the end of the last summer Gage Addington to be our part-time youth minister.  He was finishing his last year in college and leadership wanted him to apply himself fully to his education.  On May 12th Gage will graduate from OCC.  He has done well in school and juggling a part-time position with us.

     Leadership is prepping to present Gage as our full-time youth minister.  We will present Gage for congregational vote as a part of our annual leadership vote in May (20th).  Leadership feels confident with Gage as our full-time youth minister.  This is the place for our potential success. 

     We are in a financial squeeze.  We have cut our budget for several years and this last year gave our staff a raise despite the squeeze.  We can do this because of savings (much of it from inheritances).  But it is only a temporary fix.  Our savings will run out.  The potential success is the opportunity for us to rise to the occasion and over the course of the next year paying Gage’s full-time salary with our regular giving.  Doing the math this would amount to $3-5 a week (200 people) giving.  The reality is that only about 2/3’s of that 200 are adults and many of them married.  So, a better number would be $6-10 a week.  Would you consider this?

     Our prayer is that this opportunity will be a testimony of faith and stewardship.  The testimony is that God will take care of us while leading us to call Gage to full-time ministry.  God ask us to be a people of faith.

C U Sunday,