A Sunday of Memories

One Sunday we had over 300 people in attendance for our Sunday School.  To celebrate we all gathered on the steps under the columns and took a photo of our moment.  Another time we packed the auditorium after VBS because we had done the unbelievable with our offering and I remember a dunking.  Oh wait, we have done that every year with VBS (not the dunking part) taken an offering that is unbelievable.  We have so many wonderful memories at FCC.

Sunday the 20th of January is full of memories.  The last Sunday of 2018, we did it for our mission – We as a church believed in the efforts of our church to build relationships with God.  Our offering of Miracles (which had a goal of $20,000) totaled well over $21,000.  Then on Sunday, January 20th we had a celebration and God had fun with us that day. 

Just after the early service our electric went out.  That means we had no heat because it is electric started.  That means we had no lights in Fellowship Hall (where we were going to have our potluck following our 10:32 service).  That means all our sound, lights and music is off.  Do you know that without lights the restrooms are mighty dark? 

Quickly thinking, Dave put together hymns for our 10:30 service and Bobby played the piano.  Rick and Tina led a team of people to light up our 10:32 while Jefferson played his guitar.  Our deaconesses led by Susan and Martha rallied to work out the details of a potluck without lighting and stoves.  Meanwhile Shirley bundled up the nursery, communion was served, teachers taught, and we had services.

Then we were blessed by the Dunn family joining our church and God even blessed this moment with the return of electricity.  Music played over the speakers to contrast with the piano and singing from the hymn books.  And Dave flying to the sound room to pull it all in check.  Meanwhile in the other building Rick declared, “turn off the lights” so the mood of a beautiful worship was preserved.  Then following with flurry and anticipation we enjoyed a celebration of worship and a wonderful potluck.  This service is truly one for the memories. 

Thank you all for your part in our family of FCC.